The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) encourages initiatives by the government and private sector to establish technical institutions as provided for in the Technical Education Policy.

NACTE grants Stage I (Preparatory) Registration to an applicant who provides evidence that the proposed institution meets the legal requirements of establishing the same. This means being in possession of a document showing the establishment and ownership of the institution such as:

  • Constitution;
  • Charter;
  • Articles of Association; and
  • Business license (where applicable).


The applicant should also provide evidence of the extent to which the institution is viable to deliver, that is its ability to provide the intended training. To ensure this the following should be availed to NACTE:

  1. Name and CV of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO);
  2. Evidence of physical structure development or hire of premises;
  3. Evidence of procuring and /or plans for acquiring equipment and learning materials;
  4. Master plan of the institution;
  5. Organizational structure of an institution;
  6. Evidence of sources of funding other than the students’ fees; and
  7. Curriculum for the intended programme (i.e. market-oriented, competence-based curriculum, modular in format).


It should be noted that in this stage of registration the institution is not allowed to admit students. An applicant with this stage of registration will need to apply for Stage II (Provisional) Registration that will allow the institution to start admitting students following positive recommendations from the team of experts in the subject area of programmes offered, appointed by the Council to physically verify the resources of the institution.


NACTE grants Stage III (Full) Registration to institutions that are fully operational and have acquired enough experience, human, physical and financial resources to ensure sustainability for running its programmes.


An institution granted Full Registration becomes eligible for accreditation, which is the certification by NACTE that the institution offers quality assured qualifications, an important factor for national and international recognition of its awards.