Zonal Offices


There are Six (6) Zonal Offices namely; Southern Zone ( Mtwara, Lindi and Ruvuma), Northern Zone (Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Manyara), Lake Zone (Mwanza, Mara, Kagera, Geita and Simiyu), Western Zone (Tabora, Katavi, Kigoma and Shinyanga), Central Zone (Dodoma, Singida and Iringa), Southern Highlands Zone (Mbeya, Songwe, Njombe and Rukwa) and Zanzibar Office (Unguja and Pemba).       

  1. Sensitize and guide institutions on registration, recognition and accreditation;
  2. Assess applications for initial or upgrading registration;
  3. Conduct physical verification visits for registration, recognition of department and accreditation of programmes;
  4. Conduct physical verification visits for recognition of cross border programmes;
  5. Process  recognition of Departments within accredited technical institutions and Universities offering NTA;
  6. Prepare and submit registration, recognition and accreditation reports to the respective subject CEO;
  7. Update the register of technical institutions and Universities offering NTA programmes;
  8. Guide training institution on development and review of  competence based  curricula;
  9. Conduct pedagogical training for technical teachers using Competence Based Curriculum;
  10. Conduct academic quality to determine institutional compliance to NACTE academic quality standards;
  11. Guide and process admission and inter-college transfer of students in training institution offering National  Technical Awards (NTA) programmes;
  12. Collect examination results from training institutions offering National  Technical Awards (NTA) programmes and populate into database;
  13. Guide applicants on evaluation of non-NTA and foreign programmes for establishing equivalence to NTA programmes;
  14. Follow-up implementation of Harmonized Scheme of Service for Technical Teachers;
  15. Sensitize and process applications for registration of technical teachers and technicians supporting academic functions;
  16. Guide  development of Governance and Administrative structures in-line with harmonize scheme of service for technical teachers;
  17. Act as a liaison office between stakeholders of technical institutions in respective zone and the Council;
  18. Perform human resource, administration, finance, procurement management and supplies functions and manage office equipment.

The Zonal Offices are headed by Zonal Incharge.