Welcome to online Foreign Award Evaluation System where you can submit your application for assessment

Applicants are informed that award assessment shall not be conducted to;

  1. Awards attained from both public and private training institutions in Tanzania
  2. Awards attained from unrecognized institution or unrecognized education system.
  3. Awards attained from professional bodies, short courses, in-service training, workshop/seminars and experiential learning
  4. Prior learning acquired outside a national system of education and training
  5. Awards obtained from non-existing or ceased training institutions or authority
  6. Religious and military related awards/courses/programmes offered for specific purpose and specialized operation other than academic purposes
  7. Award from training institution with university status
    Note: Fee once paid is non refundable
  8. Please collect your application results between 10:30 - 12:30 and 15:00-16:00 hrs
  9. The name of the applicant should be as appeared in the academic certificate(s)

Applicants are informed to prepare valid, authentic and ensure that information provided is correct in all instances. The following are important attachments;

  1. Certified copy of identity document (Birth Certificate, National Identity Card, Voter’s Identity Card, Worker’s Identity Card, Driving License, Traveling Passport)
  2. Certified copies of secondary School certificates and transcripts (results) as issued by the official examining bodies in the countries of origin. If this level of education was obtained outside Tanzania, letter(s) of equivalence from the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) must be provided
  3. Certified copies of award’s certificate(s) and transcript(s) to be equated;
  4. Copy of Curriculum used in training with authentication (verification) from training institution or awarding authority
  5. Certified copy of Admission Letter from the college or training institution; including Passport with Visa stamp showing when the award was attained in abroad
  6. Proof or evidence for change of personal or institution names from recognized authority (with legal powers);
  7. Proof or evidence for the existence of training institution that has stopped providing training or changed duties and functions away from teaching and research;
  8. Comply with all stipulated requirements and make sure all qualification documents are complete (provide authentic, correct information and submit valid documents in all instances);
Note: All documents MUST be in the original language and the sworn translation; all certificates in foreign languages must be submitted with sworn translations into English or Kiswahili by recognized authority with legal powers to make translation (Baraza la Kiswahili Tanzania)

For those who their current residence is Tanzania, system will generate control number. used in payment. It may be done via Mobile Money Tigopesa, Mpesa, Airtel Money or via Bank accounts CRDB ,NMB and NBC.
Applicants outside Tanzania, shall make payment using Banking Transfer (TISS & SWIFT) and attach Bank payslip.

Evaluation fees

  1. Fifty Thousand (50,000/- non-refundable) Tanzania Shillings for Certificates and Diploma Award
  2. One Hundred Thousand (100,000/= non-refundable) Tanzania Shillings for Advanced Diploma and Bachelor Degree award
  3. One Hundred and Fifty Thousands (150,000/= non-refundable) Tanzania Shillings for Master’s Award
  4. One Hundred and Fifty Thousands (150,000/= non-refundable) Tanzania Shillings for PhD Award

A successful applicant shall receive “confirmation” email/SMS via Mobile number provided. Evaluation of submitted awards shall be conducted within fourteen (14) working days and the applicants will receive "notification" email/SMS informing on the date to collect evaluation feedback/results. To start click here