Foreign Awards


The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) is a regulatory body established to oversee technical education and training in Tanzania. One of the statutory functions of the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) as stipulated in Section 5(1) (e), 5(1) (j), 11 and 12 (b) of the NACTE Act (No. 9 of 1997), and also National Technical Awards Regulations (GN No. 223 of 5th August 2005) is to “establish and make awards in technical education and training which are consistent in standard and comparable to related awards in Tanzania and internationally”. “Technical Education” in this context means education and training undertaken by students to equip them to play roles requiring higher levels of skill, knowledge and understanding, and in which they take responsibility for their area of specialization.

Scope of Evaluation

The Council’s qualification equivalent process makes provisions for all qualifications/awards that form part of the Technical Education and Training (TET) which is provided by all post secondary training institutions which have no “university status” as per the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania. In this regard therefore, all applicants and prospective applicants are informed that qualification assessment is not conducted to the qualifications/awards mentioned hereunder;

  • Awards obtained from both public and private Tanzanian education and training institutions as they must have been registered and using Competence Based Curricula in providing training leading to National Technical Awards;
  • Qualifications/awards obtained from institutions which are not officially recognized as a part of a national education system or accredited by its country of origin. These include awards obtained from and managed by the professional bodies;
  • Qualifications/awards obtained as a result of attending Short Courses, in-service training, workshop/seminars and experiential learning;
  • Prior learning acquired outside a national system of education and training;
  • Uncompleted (Ungraduated applicant) Qualifications/awards obtained from local and international training institutions or authorities;
  • Qualifications/awards obtained from non-existing or ceased training institutions or authority; and
  • Religious and military related awards/courses/programmes offered for specific purpose and specialized operation other than academic purposes.
General Equivalence Procedures

Personal Details
All applicants shall submit application through online system known as Foreign Awards Evaluation System (FAES) by browsing NACTE website ( and provide personal details that will enable the Council to identify individuals and their details accordingly. Information filled in the form must be authentic and must appear exactly as they appear in award documents to be equated. If more than one award is submitted by the same individual, it is the expectation of the Council that, they bear the same names. In case such names are different between two or more awards, legal proof must be provided to justify such difference. The following are important details required when filling application form for award equivalence;

  • Full Name(s)
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Valid Identity Card(s), Passport, Driving License, etc.
  • Contact Address
  • Country
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Valid Email Address
  • Purpose of Evaluation
  • Evidence of Payments
Important Information and Documents Required for Award Evaluation
  • Certified copy of your identity document eg Birth certificate, National identity card, voters identity card, worker’s identity card, Driving License, Passport et.c;
  • Certified copies of secondary School certificates and transcripts (results) as issued by the official examining bodies in the countries of origin. If this level of education was obatined outside Tanzania, letter(s) of equivalence from the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) must be provided;
  • Certified copies of award’s certificate(s) and transcript(s) to be equated. If these documents are not available, the Council shall not process evaluation of such award;
  • Copy of Curriculum used in training with authentification (verification) from training institution or awarding authority;
  • Certified copy of Admission Letter from the college or training institution; including Passport with Visa stamp showing when the award was attained in abroad;
  • Postgraduate / other advanced qualifications must be accompanied either by preceding qualifications, or the awarding institutions must officially state the grounds for admission to the programmes involved;
  • Proof/evidence for change of personal or institution names from recognized authority (with legal powers);
  • Proof/evidence for the existence of training institution that has stopped providing training or changed duties and functions away from teaching and research;
  • Comply with all stipulated requirements and make sure all qualification documents are complete (provide authentic, correct information and submit valid documents in all instances);
  • All documents MUST be in the original language and the sworn translation; all certificates in foreign languages must be submitted with sworn translations into English or Kiswahili by recognized/ authority with legal powers to make translation (Baraza la Kiswahili Tanzania)
Fees for Evaluation of Awards

Applicants are required to pay non-refundable evaluation fee as indicated in the table below. Application fee must be paid via Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG) by calling the following  number and you will be assisted in generating the control number.

Below is the amount (Tsh) you are required to pay for Foreign Awards Evaluation with respect to number of days.

  • Certificates/Equivalent 50,000/= 30
  • Diploma/Equivalent 50,000/= 30
  • Higher/Advanced Diploma/ Equivalent 100,000/= 30
  • Bachelor Degree/Equivalent 100,000/= 30
  • Masters Degree/ Equivalent 150,000/= 30
Award Evaluation’s Feedback

The Council will notify the applicant on the receipt of application for award evaluation and upon completion of the process, results will be communicated to the applicant. Applicants are advised to collect evaluation Certificate/letter physically at NACTE premises and must present identity card. If another person comes to collected results on behalf of the applicant, signed letter attached with passport (picture) and copy of identity card from the applicant must be provided.

  •  Ensure that the application contains complete, legible and appropriate documents that must include proof of payment;
  • Provide the correct addresses, mobile phone and valid email address for NACTE to communicate with you in case of clarification or problem.
  • The Council shall provide feedback to applicant within 30 days; this enables communication and search for authenticity of submitted awards from respective authorities.
  • Degrees (Bachelor and Masters) from training institution with University Status should be communicated to Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU); and
  • All documents must be certified by a lawyer before loading them for award evaluation; certification of documents can be done by court or any person authorized by the law at applicant’s cost.

To submit award for evaluation, click the link below

Foreign Award Evaluation System